The digitization of business processes continues. In addition to the central processes for a company’s value creation, you should also take a look at the “social” processes in your company. Employees are often slow to adopt the digital tools and it takes a long time for the digitization strategies to become part of the daily interactions of the employees. An example is the daily appointments and orders for the “lunch table”.

Whether in the company canteen, catering service or collecting orders for the pizza delivery man, there is always something to eat. Many companies also allow lunches to be billed via payroll accounting. Design your company portal or intranet with Office 365, so you can set up a simple, intuitive and smart solution for managing food orders for your company.

Starting with the canteen plan or the food selection of the catering service, through the management of your own orders to payroll accounting, the food ordering solution for Office 365 offers all the functions for processing. Look for yourself:


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Of course, the solution can be adapted to the organization in your company. We would be happy to show you the solution in one of our regular webcasts or individually so that we can respond to your questions directly. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.


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